At Vegan Osaka we believe that everyone should have options to fit their lifestyle whether dining out or cooking at home. We provide homemade plant based food, free of preservatives that’s made here in Japan and right in Osaka. All of our items are made with high-quality ingredients, ready to be prepared in your restaurant or in the comfort of your own home.

We’re committed to helping people improve their health while making it easier to experiment with plant based foods without compromising taste. We hope that everyone can enhance their lifestyle while making small changes that have a positive impact on the future climate and environment.

Cheat Days Don't Have To Feel So Guilty!

Food is meant to be enjoyed. Some that switch to a vegan lifestyle have trouble maintaining it.
We are reintroducing people to the foods that they miss. Meats, cheeses, desserts, and snacks, but making it plant-based.

Plant based food is not strictly for vegans only. Our products are suitable for people who are:

- transitioning into a plant-based lifestyle
- experimenting with meatless meals
- allergic to dairy or other allergens
- adding healthier alternatives for their family

Our items are all dairy free and meat free.

Some products contain nuts or gluten. Allergens will be indicated.