It's Veganuary!

It's Veganuary!

January is a great time to try something new!

What's new to many here in Japan? 

All About Vegan

Veganuary is a challenge to go on an animal-free diet for the month of January. Veganuary, vegan + January, started in the UK and is an NPO that promotes health, the environment, and ending animal farming. and is now popular around the world. Some companies have even jumped in and released new vegan food products during this time. 

Why Veganism?

Eating vegan means eliminating all meat, fish, and eggs as well as other animal products like dairy and honey. People following a vegan lifestyle are concerned about reducing their footprint on the environment, climate change, and the welfare of animals. , vegans also don't wear fur, leather, or other things that come from animals. Animal testing is also an important issue for vegans and there is a growing number of cosmetic and household products that are vegan friendly. Incorporating veganism into your lifestyle is one way to contribute to healthier relationships between humans and wildlife. 

The way the commercial meat industry has evolved has impacted the planet negatively. The amount of natural resources that are needed to feed and care for animals in commercial meat production takes a big toll on the environment. It's one of the factors in global warming and pollution Every year land is needed for livestock and clearing for this land effects the natural habitat of other wild animals. Meat that comes from factory farms and slaughterhouses can have harmful chemicals, contaminants and illnesses that we in turn ingest. in your body and lead to health problems. 

How to Veganize


Is it sounding stressful to commit to a full month? No problem! Go at your own pace. Experiment and try some vegan meals during the month. out with soy, almond, rice, or oat milk.Can't have your tea without some honey?Try maple, agave, or date syrup instead.At lunch and dinnertime go for plant-based meals.You can use tofu or mock meats in place of the usual meat that you would have. 

Trying Vegan Food in Japan 

Meat is surprisingly hidden in a lot of food in Japan and it's where you would least expect it! Many snack foods are flavored with animal products. You can find meat flavoring in bread, potato chips, crackers, etc. So it's important to read labels and know what you are eating. But vegan options are slowly increasing in Japan, and even here in Osaka. You can find alt-milks in supermarkets, conbini, and many cafes now. seitan, or konnyaku. 

Slices' Vegan Unchikun

If you're new to vegan food or can't imagine what it would taste like, we have a lot of dishes for you try. At Slices we make our own vegan cheese, sauces, and mock meat vegan options in-house. next time you're in Osaka, pop on in! You can enjoy a slice of pizza with vegan cheese and toppings. In addition to pizza we have many other vegan sandwiches and side dishes. Some favorites are vegan mozzarella sticks, vegan karaage, vegan banh mi, vegan meatball sub, vegan, and Philly cheesesteak to name a few. We are always rotating in new things and special items.

So if you've never tried vegan food before, come visit us in Veganuary and give it a try!

We are open for dine-in or takeout.

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