Cheese, Cheese, Cheese!

Cheese, Cheese, Cheese!

When we started offering vegan pizza we knew we needed good cheese. Unfortunately, there aren't many options for that in Japan, so our only choice was to start making our own. We started with the mozzarella for the pizzas and calzones of course Once we started experimenting from there, we just couldn't stop! The varieties of vegan cheeses at Slices have grown steadily over the years. We took a count recently and we offer thirteen types of cheese. for you here in Osaka.

Here are just a few of the cheese dishes that we have:

1) Vegan Cheese Plate

The assorted cheese plate is complete with our homemade vegan sourdough crackers. Enjoy a plate of 3-5 assorted cheeses. 

2) Vegan Mozzarella Sticks 

A vegan version of the classic bar snack! 

3) Grilled Cheese Sandwich 

Grilled cheese is perfect when it's cold outside. We've done the vegan grilled cheese with cheddar, mozzarella, and a sun-dried tomato cheddar. You'll get your grilled cheese with soup, salad, or fries. 

4) Poutine 

Vegans can now have their poutine too. All of our poutines can be done vegan style. 

  • Original with cheese and gravy
  • BBQ (grilled onions, cheese, gravy and BBQ sauce)
  • Pizza (pizza sauce, cheese), 
  • Nachos Poutine (cheese, salsa, soy sour cream)

We are constantly rotating the cheese we have on offer. So check back here or stop on in.

For vegan cheese delivered to your door, you can find them at our online shop.

If you would like a sample pack, or if you are interested in carrying our vegan cheeses in your store or restaurant, feel free to get in touch with us ! 

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