Vegan food

Vegan Series

The vegan options at Slices have become so popular that they have become a permanent part of the menu.  All the food is made in-house, using no preservatives and the best and freshest ingredients available.  Cruelty free comfort foods created with our own homemade plant-based "meat" with texture and flavours to mimic its original counterpart.  


The vegan menu changes often, however,the permanent fixtures include items such as vegan pizza by the slice (¥600~) or whole pies (¥2350~) with toppings such as our pepperoni, veggies and chickun...all plant-based, all homemade.  Also very popular is the cruelty free calzone, exactly like the original dish with a side of fries and salad (¥1350~)


Appetizers such as the fried chickun (¥650), poutine (¥700), and tofu tenders (¥650) complements any dish

Sandwiches, such as the BLT, meatball sub, tofu banh mi will satisfy any sandwich snob, and then there`s the hamburger, the bacun cheezeburger, and the chickun cutlet burgers, between a homemade sesame bun, and topped with cheeze and our own special sauce.  (¥1000~)

Slices also makes non-dairy cheese.  We have mozzarella, pepperjack, feta, cheddar, cream cheese, spreads and a whole lot more to choose from. Depending on the cheeze, we use cashews, wheat or tapioca starch, or tofu, as the base.